BRAND NEW TRAP BEATS: New York’s sizzling ‘In Chiwanna’ is going viral as ‘Triangle Clique’ become the Kings and Queens of the Rap Trap scene


Living a boring life with literally no sentimental music to relish?

If that’s the dilemma you’re facing then just don’t you fellas worry as we will give you a therapy, the specific one we found as we are declaring the most renowned artist the world will be looking forth to. Music and rhythms of this artist find intimate ways into your body and soul through the overflowing passion that has become a permanent entity for their harmonies.

The artist is the top-notch worldly famous trio band “Triangle Clique” who is finally coming your way after dominating the hearts of countless music lovers around the globe.

The job of an artist might be susceptible as it seems but is nothing but a path with hurdling stones that you have to pass in order to succeed the destination of entering the mind and soul of the audience but for the band “Triangle Clique”, through continuous hard work and dedicated professionalism the path is all for them to conquer. Amazing right?

But what more remarkable is the influence the band has on the people who just heed them for a bliss second just like Jim Reyes (with Diva Records) who desperately requested the band to perform at his club as people were leaving and the only remedy was the band itself titled “Triangle Clique” who had the competence of literally turning the tables through the power of music.

Disparity and gloominess in life is like a race which only those can finalize that have the who have the pursuing aim to do so as the venture is beautiful while the destination is alluring. The band “Triangle Clique” historical background is in totally sync with the fact that we mentioned as future was grim for the three New York Brothers who ripened in the crime infested Elmhurst but had their objective peril them through the difficult times.

Their own recording studio, releasing up to 1000 tracks, cultivating new beginnings for unique raw talent and performing at some prominent venues like including “Latin Quarters, Calle Orange, Club Tabu, Roxy’s Night Club” all are the representatives of the long journey “Triangle Clique” has unravelled together.

The trio band “Triangle Clique” is coming the way of your fellas with some amazing music just like their new track “Chiwanna” that will be the completing factor for the playlist of yours. So, whether it is some lit club performance or some music for a long-distance voyage with your loved ones, the band has got you all encircled with the endless potentials they have to offer.

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