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BRAND NEW POP SUMMER VIBES: Leading two lives as “one of the world’s French IT experts” and a global dance pop music hitmaker, ‘Max M’ releases an exceptional music video and single with his break-free pop anthem ‘Imaginary Problems’


Max M is an electronic music producer and keys player, originally from France, who is considered to be “one of the world’s French experts” in the field of IT. Pursuing a career in Computer Science, Max M became a respected […]

BNS ROCK AND RADIO: ‘Dar.Ra’ incites musical revolution and world order change as he drops the free radical and HUGE ‘The Beat’ and takes over the airwaves of the Capital of at 9 AM daily with his big drum statement ‘The Beat’


We live in a rapidly changing world, where the progress of society should be measured on the happiness and wellbeing of its citizens, rather than the pockets of the few. We see countless billions spent on missiles and defence of […]

BNS HIGHER POWERED BALLADS: After playing gigs and parties with Lady Ga Ga, stunning and emotive female song writer ‘Kristen Karma’ delivers a heartfelt and epic ballad that touches the soul with pride and modern pop beauty on ‘Dear John’


Toronto-based artist Kristen Karma has released a music video tribute to her father, “Dear John.” The single was released on October 19th 2019, Kristen’s birthday and continues to grow globally since it’s release. This song is about wondering if they […]