BNS SOUL AND POP: ‘Téhilah’ has a ‘Chapman’ meets ‘Gabrielle’ spark fused with a distinctive, beautiful vocal and soft arrangement on new single ‘Dried Roses’


If tears had an actual musical equivalent, we could safely say that equivalent is Tehilah’s latest release, the masterpiece entitled “Dried Roses”. Never have we heard a song that is so peaceful yet stirring at the same time. Managing to skilfully combine sadness with rebirth, “Dried Roses” feels like a lullaby and an anthem all in one, encouraging you to both find peace, but also take action and be strong against the storm.

Tehilah’s soft and haunting voice seeps through the speakers and straight into your heart, like a warm, comforting embrace when you most need it. The song feels like an encouragement to cry and to feel things freely. An opportunity to unchain your heart, be true and find the strength to carry on.

BNS SOUL AND POP: ‘Téhilah’ has a ‘Chapman’ meets ‘Gabrielle’ spark fused with a distinctive, beautiful vocal and soft arrangement on new single ‘Dried Roses’ – Brand New

Softly punctuated by acoustic guitar chords on the instrumental part, “Dried Roses”  can easily pass for a love song, yet to describe it as such would be so… unimaginative. “Dried Roses” is a wonderfully versatile track that can beautifully accompany any and every human feeling possible. It can easily act as a love song, but also a good break-up song. A tune to accompany you in dark times, but also when you feel free and alive and happy.

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“Silence is golden,Sometimes I wish my lips were frozen”

Tehilah sings, and while we love the way she does it, we couldn’t possibly agree. Because if her lips truly were frozen, then she wouldn’t have been able to give us this haunting, enchanting piece of music. And that would have been a terrible shame.

“Dried Roses” is the sort of track that you will come back to over and over, we guarantee it. It will pop up in your Spotify and your YouTube personalized playlist. It will go with you everywhere you go, and you’ll be glad.

Because Tehilah somehow manages to bridge the gap between artist and audience and comes to feel like a real friend that is there beside you. Through thick and thin.



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