Feel the Bliss of Infatuation with Jason Herndon’s “Rainbow”


615 JJ Entertainment is excited to announce the release of Jason Herndon’s newest single, “Rainbow.” This track is the latest addition to his growing discography, showcasing his talent and versatility as an artist.

In “Rainbow,” Herndon brings a heartfelt tribute to the joy, light, and color that love brings into our lives. This electrifying anthem captures the exhilarating rush of infatuation and the blissful honeymoon period of a relationship, while also paying homage to the natural wonders of a woman’s true love. Herndon weaves lyrics like, “She’s like a sun shine / She brings light to a darker day / She’s like the ocean / That moves and sways / She’s like a rainbow / She adds light in a colorful way” into a backdrop of infectious rhythm and themes of transformation amid love. Ultimately, “Rainbow” is an acknowledgement of just how much goodness and light true love can bring into our lives.

In addition to these inspiring lyrics, “Rainbow” also contains distinctive, bold, and catchy Southern Rock guitar riffs that Herndon is becoming known for. The guitar’s sound serves as a focal point within the music, driving the rhythm, and adding to the overall sound. Herndon co-wrote the Americana and Southern Rock entry with Eric Fiedor. About the song, Herndon declares, “If the perfect woman was a song, it would be this song. I want everyone to remember and experience pure infatuation. This song should resonate with everyone who has ever been in or is still looking for perfect love.” “Rainbow” reflects the vibrance and passion of experiencing true love, and through this new song, Herndon continues to captivate audiences with his soulful sound and authentic storytelling.

Jason Herndon is a Country and Americana singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and engineer, signed to 615 JJ Entertainment for distribution publishing and sync. He’s also a clinician for the iconic C.F. Martin & Co and has been Blake Shelton’s guitar tech for well over a decade. He was nominated for Backline Technician of the Year for Blake Shelton by the Country Music Association in 2023. Working in the music industry since 2006, Herndon is a true jack of all trades, combining his Southern upbringing and honest storytelling with compelling lyrics, exceptional musicianship, and a distinctive vocal delivery. Herndon released his third studio album, I Don’t Know, in 2020, and he plans to deliver several more singles and music videos in 2024.

Find out more about Jason Herndon at jasonherndon.net. Stay in touch with him on YouTube @JasonHerndon and on Instagram, X, and TikTok @jherndonmusic.

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