French DJ and producer Max M sets the music world aflame with his debut EP Renaissance.


French DJ and producer Max M sets the music world aflame with his debut EP Renaissance. The release is a fine effort and unveils the constituency in Max M’s evolving creativity. As an artist and an expert in the field of IT, Max M has distinct worldview that can be heard in the warmth of his sound.

Comprised of five tracks, Renaissance is a testimony of Max M’s transcendent taste in electronic dance music. Along with the high quality of production, the project stands forthright in its musical dexterity and mood. Renaissance begins with the vibrant track Imaginary Problems, which received great reviews when it was released as a single during the latter half of 2020.

Max M secures a golden formula for success with laminated grooves that are bound to keep the life of the party percolating. Max M handsomely crochets the arrangements and melodies that enliven both the production and post-production process, as he is able to apply many of the principles that were discovered in analog recording and apply these to the digital process.

Renaissance concludes with If This Is What It Feels Like – a song that incorporates the vocal expertise of Chris Willis and Della Ciprian. The track is effective in painting a visual in our minds with the melodic brushes offered by Max M. its theme of the outstretched emotional exposure between to lovers that recently parted ways but can’t live without the other is easy to envision. The music’s hopeful backdrop make If This Is What It Feels Lie truly a fun ride.

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If This Is What It Feels Like


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