Redefining Boundaries through Mike Ra’s Latest Album “SHUT”


The musical world is undergoing a seismic shift as Mike Ra’s much-anticipated album “SHUT” hit the streaming airwaves on 31st May 2024. For those unaware of him, Mike Ra is an artist who started from the streets, writing his first lyrics at the age of eleven, inspired by his brother’s songwriting. Despite difficult conditions, such as having a brother imprisoned and an absentee father, Mike Ra found solace in music. The fact that he has managed to stay out of trouble and use his experiences to fuel his art speaks volumes about his resilience and creativity.

Mike Ra’s journey from the street to recording studio has been characterized by his unflagging dedication for authenticity and artistic honesty. His music is pure expression of thought without any filter, which makes him unique in an industry that has been criticized for not having originality. It reflects a fearless embodiment of free speech that captures intricacies of one man’s reality as well as broader societal issues affecting many.

SHUT,” which was conceived nearly two years ago starting November 2022 up until its release in May 2024, exemplifies Mike Ra’s relentless work ethic and creative vision. Being an executive producer allowed him to have all beats, lyrics and notes reflect truly who he was as an artist. This is one album where there are no ghostwriters or co-writers involved; something rare nowadays in music thus underlining how hands-on Mike Ra is towards his work.

Opening with the explosive track “Black Necromancy,” it comes out very fast at heavy-metal/hip-hop hybrid pace. It provides an example of how Mike Ra blends various genres together seamlessly thus creating a sound that can be both aggressive and compelling in nature. As we go through this piece of work, other songs like “Human” or “Government Zombie” become more contemplative and inward-looking. “Government Zombie” leads the release and has already received considerable attention for its strong statement on government overreach, taxation, and racial profiling. With its punchy lyrics peppered with a captivating guitar solo in the bridge section, it is on its way to becoming a global fan favorite stadium anthem because of its authenticity and flawless production.

Another great song on the album is “Lost in Time.” It shows that Mike Ra has a multifaceted artistic nature, as he combines poetic depth with infectious radio appeal. This kind of song is earworm material and demands multiple listens. There’s also “Anubis,” which he perceives as the best song in the entire album. He finds it hard to articulate what makes this particular track stand out but its influence can’t be underestimated. “Anubis” is a perfect example of how experimental and boundary-pushing SHUT actually is.

The emotional scope of “SHUT” is designed to provide a roller coaster ride through feelings. Mike Ra wants people who listen to his album to: “have fun, go crazy, cry, scream, jump, shout.” He composed music for live performances meant to move audiences emotionally and create memories that last forever. On top of these visceral responses, he also wishes to inspire his listeners’ creative minds. In creating this record, he did not rely on artificial intelligence and boasted that even when the DAW was hacked into, he still worked by hand.

SHUT speaks about self-expression, strength, and the importance of staying true to oneself. Every day that this album is in stores is a testament to Mike Ra’s dedication and the culmination of years of hard work. It’s a reminder that in an age of digital perfection, there is still immense value in raw, unfiltered creativity. With “SHUT,” he has solidified his place as a force to be reckoned with within the music industry. This is just the beginning, and as Mike Ra himself says, “We did it & we aren’t stopping here.”


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