From Foster Care to the Mic: The6Kid’s Emotional Journey in ‘Unmanageability’


Have you ever felt like you couldn’t control the things happening around you? That life has become overwhelming and unmanageable? This is the feeling that the rising artist, The6Kid, tried to capture in his debut album, “Unmanageability,” which recently came out last week on June 1st.

The6Kid is a musician/rapper who grew up in foster care. His journey has been far from easy; however, he has used it as a way of generating fuel for his raw and introspective songwriting. With gritty lo-fi sounds and truthful lyrics, The6Kid paints an elaborate picture of his struggles and personal growth.

Unmanageability” is a ten-track project that deals with addiction, spirituality, and self-reflection extensively. Opening the album is “Feel Like”, an atmospheric track which sets the mood for what follows. “Nerves” and “Hickies on my Neck” are some of its tracks where The6Kid bares it all revealing anxiety issues among other post-relationship challenges.

One of the standout moments is “Higher Power,” a song that finds The6Kid turning to a higher power for guidance and strength. With its pulsing beat and emotive vocals, it’s a powerful exploration of faith and the human condition. Another highlight is “About You,” a melancholic yet hopeful tribute to a lost love.

The album closes with “Run in Place,” a raw and introspective track that reflects on The6Kid’s past struggles with addiction. Over a sparse, lo-fi beat, he reflects on the cyclical nature of his demons and the constant fight to maintain control.

Overall, this impressive debut shows off just how skilled The6Kid is at storytelling and creating introspective, atmospheric hip-hop music. It blends pure emotions like vulnerability with personal growth, making it a piece that will deeply resonate with listeners who have faced their own battles with life’s unmanageability.

If you’re looking for something real or deep, then try out “Unmanageability” by The6Kid. You can listen to this album on Spotify or YouTube and also follow him on Instagram for updates about his current projects and new releases.

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