Kstar Finessen Preps First Album in 7 Years from Prison Cell


From the heart of Los Angeles, CA, emerges Kstar Finessen, an independent hip-hop artist with over eight years in the game. Initially diving into the world of beat-making under the alias @SwaggeyJBeats, Kstar soon shifted his focus toward songwriting and recording, collaborating with various producers to craft his unique sound. Despite his entanglements with street life, which led to a prison sentence for assault with a gun, Kstar’s passion for music has remained unwavering.

Currently serving his sixth year, Kstar is gearing up to drop his first project in seven years from behind bars. The anticipation is high, with his recent singles “Every Penny Season” and “Slave to the Money” receiving surprising acclaim for their quality, especially considering his circumstances. As he approaches his release date, Kstar’s determination to make waves in the music industry is stronger than ever.

Kstar’s journey in music has been both exhilarating and challenging. Navigating the complexities of the music industry and investing his own money into his career has taught him invaluable lessons about the power dynamics and the necessity of self-belief. His commitment to his craft is evident in the countless hours spent on promotion, studio time, beats, and performances, all done independently without a major support system.

A pivotal moment in his career was his first trip to New York, where he performed at Hip Hop Seazon. This experience underscored his dedication, as he ventured solo across the country, driven by his passion for music. His latest single, “Slave to the Money,” is a testament to his journey, reflecting the style that initially garnered him a loyal fanbase on SoundCloud.

Kstar’s early days were marked by relentless networking and ensuring his music stood out. His strategy has always been about authenticity and creating an unmatched style. His story, captured in the independent short film “Kstar Finessen – Valifornia Savage,” and a plethora of material on YouTube and SoundCloud, offers a glimpse into his artistic evolution.

Despite the hurdles, Kstar Finessen’s commitment to his artistry is unshaken. As he prepares to re-enter the world, he’s ready to hit the ground running, bringing with him a renewed vigor and a wealth of music that speaks to his resilience and talent. For those looking to delve into his journey, exploring his tracks on major streaming platforms and his early works on SoundCloud is a must. Keep an eye out for Kstar Finessen, as he is undoubtedly set to make a significant impact on the hip-hop scene.


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