Ace the Fetus’ new song ‘Shuger’ is a great song for parties, or romantic evenings, and pretty much everything in between


Ace the Fetus is one of those artists who’s gonna turn your world upside down. There’s something enchantingly peculiar about him, that you’ll pick up on at first listen, regardless if you’re watching one of his compelling music videos or listening to him on Spotify. And that little special something will pique your interest and get you coming back, curious to figure out what it is about this one artist that’s got you so in thrall.

Some would say it’s his unique sense of style, reminiscent of the glory days of renowned artists such as Prince, or David Bowie. And while certainly, that plays some part in it, it’s not the only thing that’s got you going. Because to say that Ace the Fetus is compelling purely because of his sense of dress, is to say the same thing about Bowie. And that wouldn’t be right, would it?

You can tell Ace the Fetus is a highly accomplished and deeply unique musician from his latest release, the obsessive single “Shuger”. Right off the bat, the music video (starting with a moving box on legs) strikes you as peculiar, but also interesting. You want to know more. And once that slow, jazzy rhythm kicks in, you’re practically hooked.

Ace the Fetus has a low, melodic voice that vibes perfectly in pretty much any type of situation. It’s a great song for parties, or romantic evenings, and pretty much everything in between. “Shuger” is a fascinating track, both because of the pleasant beats, but also through its highly versatile nature. As the song progresses, you’ll notice Ace the Fetus’s style changes, shifting genres as smoothly as any experienced musician.

“Shuger” blends elements of jazz, alt rock, indie, and pop, and so manages to appeal to an immense range of different listeners. It’s also why we think it will appeal to you, so what are you waiting for? Check out “Shuger” from Ace the Fetus now, and come back to thank us later.

Watch the video here:

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