Drawing from an array of genres and influences, ‘Deann René’ unveils majestic new album ‘Paint a Dream’.


‘Paint a Dream’ is the new album from ‘Deann René’. Paint a Dream was produced by husband, Kris Brown, along with Ron D’Agenio and Deann, and recorded at Austin’s Hoodoo Studio. Paint a Dream, proves that it is life’s varied experiences and heartbreaking disappointments that are essential ingredients for creating songs capable of touching another’s soul. Drawing from an array of genres and influences, including pop, rock, R & B and worldbeat, Deann has painted musical images worthy of both gallery walls and earbuds everywhere.

Standout tracks include “Superman,” an homage to her son, who served as the inspiration for Deann’s steadfast drive to keep her musical dream alive; “Kiss Me,” which has a Stevie Nicks-like pleading vocal vibe, expertly augmented by Charlie Richards’ emotive lead guitar work; and a piercingly powerful song about a refugee’s wake-up call in the land of the red, whit blue upon finding that the American Dream can be an elusive bill of goods for those who find themselves unwelcome in this new land. “Paint Her a Dream” — which features worldly percussion from Kostamos Yiacoumis —issues a rebuke to those individuals who greet new arrivals with hateful catcalls to ‘Go back to where ya came.’

Full album tracklist:

1. Superman (3:47)

2. Paint Her a Dream (5:06)

3. Mountain (4:38)

4. What Love Is (5:19)

5. Take Me Home (3:26)

6. Take a Chance (5:31)

7. Scared so Much (5:35)

8. Kiss Me (7:17)

9. Hear Her Cry (4:39)

10. Fly Away (4:14)






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