BNS 2020 RAP MASTERS: ‘J Da Proph3t’ lets loose a Rap Trap story of love and pain with the well produced ‘Sky Walking’


Fan favourite “Sky Walking” creates a deep connection between J Da Proph3t and fans. “Sky Walking” is transfixing and packed with emotion. Phrases like “High, walking on the sky, Shoe soles way above”, allow J Da Proph3t to utilizes imagination, one of many skills that contribute to his creation of music. Versatility and creativity are a duo J Da Proph3t is well acquainted with. J Da Proph3t continues to break barriers for rappers.

Adaptable and diverse, are one of many things that distinguish J Da Proph3t as not only an entertainer, but a rap lyricist as well.

Magnificent and engaging J Da Proph3t uses “Sky Walking” to create a story of love, pain, and overcoming. “Sky Walking” is filled with rhythm and words that allow fans to vibe, while overcoming the heartbreak.



Check out “Sky Walking” on J Da Proph3t’s new EP “Prøphici3s of a R3alist”, now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and more.

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