BRAND NEW HEAVY METAL: With an inventive pioneering new move into Heavy Metal Fusion, ‘Cynycist’ takes no prisoners on the radical ‘New Game Plus’


USA, Michigan based guitarist and producer, Jonathan Clegg a.k.a Cynycist delivers a heavy metal sound with a difference.

Inspired by video games like Villains and Soundtracks this new sonic warrior and pioneer crafts a Super extreme Heavy Metal sound that sounds like it’s from another Galaxy. 

Mixing up traditional Heavy Metal Rock with exquisite modern recording and mixing techniques, the distinctive, heavy and radical sound of  Cynycist shocks listeners with it’s overwhelming powerful presence.

Get to know the heavy-metal group Cynycist. There will be no turning back.

The new single from the heavy-metal group Cynycist features Charles Caswell of Berried Alive.

Jon Hegg


You can listen to the track “New Game Plus” today! A must-hear for anyone who is a fan of the heavy side of things.
You can find more about the group on social media at

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