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Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with a new thought process, he does it his own unique way, that is without rhyming, instead, he chooses to be a storyteller, rapping about real things in life in which he experiences, and sees in the world around him daily, Blow_flyy chooses not to rap Fiction or makeup things when he is in the writing Process of a rap song, whether it be about his love and respect of women, or what he sees happening around him on the streets or just rapping about life in general, him or others around him enjoying life having a great time.

This, his style of writing rap songs & what he chooses to rap about along with his on-point Delivery is what makes Canadian recording artist Blow_flyy Unique and different from these hip-hop/rap artists of today and the last 5 to 8 years or so.

Blow_flyy, his revolutionary style of fusing past lyrics & sounds with todays. His non-rhyme style of lyric writing and Storytelling really sets him apart from other artists out there and stands to not sacrifice any of his lyrical storytelling & recording Sound quality for the sake of a rhyme or Street Cred. We have listened to quite a few tracks from #Blow_flyy and today we will dive into some career-spanning songs from this awesome artist!

The first track we listened to today is “Blood N Honey” which is an absolute banger of a track. Quick-hitting and full of energy, this is one of the strongest songs that we have listened to from Blow_Flyy to date and it really shows us why Flyy is such a special artist. A truly unique aspect of this song is the spoken-word portion with an inspirational speech about thinking outside of the box The only thing this song doesn’t have is a long runtime but that’s what the repeat button is for!

Next up is “Instagram Candy”. While listening to this song, my mind kept drifting to the backing track and how well-produced it is; it really sets things up for Blow_Flyy to really shine and all elements of this track really work extremely well together. This song reminds me of a more refined version of the kind of rap songs that I heard on the radio growing up in the mid-00’s and it really shows the maturity in Flyy’s sound which is one of many elements that helps his music really pop.

We listened to “Its My Life” third this time around and this time Blow_Flyy adds in some R&B elements that really adds a completely different vibe than the first two songs we checked out. This is the kind of song that will make you contemplate things and you will want to listen to it multiple times, both for its distinctive vibe and for its impactful lyrical meaning that really hits hard.

Up next is “The Starz” wherein Blow_Flyy utilizes his incredible inspiration-filled approach that really makes you love him and his music. Flyy wants to conquer the universe and I really have a strong appreciation for his powerful desire to hone his craft and build his own success story; the kind of metaphors Flyy uses show us how hungry he is to create great music and reach his audience and through this song he certainly achieves that goal – at least on an Earthly level.

Fifth from this listening session is “Dream Warrior” which is a truly heartfelt and genuine song. Throughout this song, Blow_Flyy walks us through his life, his career and his mission statement, all the while detailing his experiences and perspective on his life. I really enjoy how Flyy analyzes his career and calls himself a “Dream Warrior” as he continues to aim high even as he has started to achieve his dreams.

The final song we listened to from Blow_Flyy this time around was “Wit Da Starz” and it is a spectacular close to this listening session for sure. For starters, this track has my favorite backing instrumental from this batch of songs and it really creates the perfect platform for Flyy to rap over. This song is quite simply perfect to vibe along with and is a quintessential performance from Flyy.

Blow_Flyy’s unique approach to his lyrics continues to be one of my favorite things that I have found in music this year. Further, this batch of songs illustrates Flyy’s incredible flow work and just how well his style works with the instrumentals in his songs; most of the songs that you hear from Flyy are complete packages, full of meaning, heart and energy. Flyy has already started to garner attention and approach his dreams and he is an artist that I find myself truly rooting for – and as long as he keeps his ambitions as high as they are, I know he will get there. Between the two articles we have written about Flyy, we have covered some of his greatest triumphs in his music career to date, so I implore you check out all of the music in this article as well as our first – and then dive deeper into his catalog and find even more great music.

You can find Blow_Flyy on most social media and streaming sites. If you want to follow, listen to more music or learn more about this talented artist, check out the links below:

Social media Platforms:
EPK & Bio Link: https://www.musicsubmit.com/633
Management : https://www.instagram.com/gjmanagement
Official Website & $Merch: https://www.musicglue.com/blow-flyy/basket
New “VRVIP.LIVE On-Demand” Video Channel: [ https://vrvip.live/streamer/profile/914 ]
Live shows & Live Stream Info: { https://www.songkick.com/artists/10077081-blowflyy }

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