BNS CHILLED OUT RAP, R&B AND GRIME: ‘Zeek’ releases the soothing & mesmerizing Soul/R&B Single ‘Sunshine’ off his EP ‘Seasons Change’


Isaac Zeeky Thompson a.k.a Zeek releases his latest mesmerizing and powerful soul single ‘Sunshine.’

The release comes at you with swift lyricism and groovy instrumentation that makes the whole record worth every second. With uplifting lyricism, this rising artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that he is the next force in the industry.

‘Sunshine’ radiates an uninhibited aura as Zeek’s creative range of musical talent becomes profoundly expressed and spelled. Zeek delivers lyrical depth and melodic bliss with this single.

Sunshine’ merges R&B and soul elements to make a well-rounded, superb single. The underlying tones, groovy instrumentation, and infectious elements make the record a must-listen. In perfect time for the summer, ‘Sunshine’ will serve as an anthem and soundtrack.


The lyricism and instrumentation complement each other as the listeners will be wanting more. This release is a testament to Zeek’s innate talent and why he is set to leave his footprint in the music scene. Make sure to check out his full EP, ‘Seasons Change.’




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