From Chicago to the World: Seraphina Sanan’s ‘Left It All Behind’ Takes Center Stage


‘Left It All Behind’ is the new single from ‘Seraphina Sanan’. Seraphina Sanan is a 15-year-old singer/songwriter from Chicago, Illinois whose music journey began at age four. A talented artist trained in acting, dance, and vocal theatrical performance, she spent more than a decade sharpening a powerful sound that sets her inner world to music through an unforgettable blend of rock, pop, and heavy metal.

Introduced to music and songwriting at the age of four, Seraphina spent 11 years honing the straightforward approach and unique sound that represent the perspective of her generation. Her singular melodies quickly caught the ear of industry pros, leading to collaborations with artists like American rapper Twista (produced by Toxic Productions out of Blockhouse Studios in Chicago).

Now, the fresh voice of Gen Z draws from real-life experiences to create music that reveals her inner world while sparking vital conversations about the issues and emotions that affect today’s youth.

The first of six original tracks by the talented young artist (also set to release through NI Music Group), this initial pop-influenced ballad hits hard on the universal theme of relationships gone sour, bridges burned, and lessons learned. In true punk rock fashion, the gifted Chicago Academy for the Arts student adds: “When I burn a bridge, I stand on it to make sure the other person knows I’m burning it down.”

“Left It All Behind” presents a deep dive into the crazy life of an American teenager, chronicling a summertime friendship that fell apart before the start of school and the promise of a new connection lost. The perfect soundtrack for a sunny day highway cruise, the song introduces audiences to Seraphina’s trademark courageous vulnerability expressed through impactful songwriting, along with her signature Queen-inspired sound that meshes beloved genres of rock, pop, and heavy metal.

“This song was hard to write because the memory is still fresh,” shares Seraphina. “Losing the friendship was tough, but it taught me to stop dealing with fake friends and people who only want to use me.”


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