Lauren Chase Empowers Herself and Others with "So Glad You’re Here"


Soulful songbird Lauren Chase’s new single So Glad You’re Here is a vibrant melodic ride that will have you hooked after one listen.

Chase co-wrote the song with Rachel West, and is hoping that others will find solace in the song, the same way she has.

She says, “I would classify this song as a universal triumph over any adversity thrown from any different direction. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and feel alone when it seems that ‘nothing is going right’, or ‘everything is falling apart around me’, but I hope this song resonated with every person in various ways. I hope each time that it’s listened to, there is a new found meaning for life and valor that is a reminder to hold on and to never give up.”

Chase’s sultry voice and smooth runs sit atop a modern production with a catchy chorus as she echoes the words “I’m so glad you’re here” to herself, and to anyone listening.

Chase hopes her music will spread awareness about mental health and checking in on yourself. She says, “It is truly important, having a mental illness or not, that we, as reactionary humans, take the time to look into our own lives and eyes and be honestly vulnerable with ourselves. We must do this to forgive ourselves, love ourselves, forgive others, and get up to continue our lives with the curve balls we’ve been thrown.”

“So Glad You’re Here” is available on all streaming platforms.

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