What’s on the agenda for 2020?

So far I’ve released two singles, “Taboo” and “Letters”, off of my debut album. In 2020 I will release one more single before the full album will be out. I am really exited to share the music that I’ve worked on over the past two years. Besides releasing my music I am also working on putting together a small tour for spring 2020 as well as some gigs in Switzerland in summer. I’d love to play my music in the country I was born and grew up in. Besides touring and releasing the rest of the album I will also always be working on new music to keep the ball rolling.

How do you feel about performing live?

I love performing live. It allows me to connect with my audience on a different level. In an intimate setting, I like to tell little stories about the songs or about me so the audience really gets to know me. At the moment I accompany myself on piano and guitar at my live performances. In the future I want to put together a band and put on a great show. 

What’s your favorite part of being a musician?

I get to do what I love every day. I get to sing every single day and I get to call it my job. My favorite part about being a musician is connecting with my fans. Wether that’s at my gigs or through social media, I love connecting with people. When someone tells me how one of my songs made them feel, that’s just the best feeling. Knowing that my stories and my songs touch people and it helps them get through something or it brings a smile on their faces, that’s my favorite part about being a musician. 

What’s been your favorite moment in the studio this year?

My favorite moment in the studio was definitely recording the vocals for my next single “Poison”. This song has some super fun background vocals that were just so much fun to record. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

What’s the best link to check out your music? 

This here is the best link to keep up with my music and my socials!

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