Single Review: Charlie Void – Ecstasy


​Unapologetic, In your face, and so 80’s it brings back memories of dingy nightclubs, smeared make up after a night spent cavorting in the dark and a mild smirky hangover that is part exhaustion and part ecstasy. This is what Cape Town, South African glam star Charlie Void’s new single Ecstasy sounds like. His first single Just Dance was the tip of the iceberg and after listening to Ecstasy on repeat, we are convinced we are back in another era.

Not having had the most free flowing of childhoods and now openly Out and Proud, Charlie is letting no one stop him exploring his inner abandon. A newcomer to the scene and yet already making certain heads nod, we can’t wait to her what else he has to offer in the future.

Ecstasy is out now. Try it for yourself. *** Dirk Digby

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