Making a mark in music with intent to attempt every genre, ‘Simply Missy’ drops ‘So Sexy Oh’ feat. ‘Executive Scott’


Simply Missy, who has Afro-Caribbean Diaspora ties to Trinidad & Tobago as well as St. Vincent, Nigeria & Mali, is one her way to making a mark in music with intent to attempt every genre, including making the point that the, “Music is in all of us and we all have a perspective to share”-Simply Missy 2018. Born in Brooklyn; toddler years in Trinidad; raised by a single mom in Brooklyn & self nurtured as an adult in Queens NY, Simply Missy embraced all music and cultures introduced by her family; and those she found as an avid international traveler.

It’s often crossed Simply Missy’s mind that not many stories were passed on to her as a child about heritage, culture and music beyond her mother’s adopted Countries and Culture of Trinidad & Tobago and St. Vincent & Grenadines, where Soca is king, with a side of Steele pan and parang. As an adult Simply Missy was able to trace her maternal grandfather’s roots to Nigeria and her maternal grandmother’s roots to Mali.

Although there is silence between the two timelines and generations, Simply Missy is attempting to bridge the gap and break generational curses through the vibration and sounds of her music; and her sultry ASMR voice. She says all the time, “Adding to the Universe’s Extraordinary Ultimate Playlist… I Am Simply Missy.”


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