Best American Crossover Artist from Big Apple Music Awards ‘Shani Rigsbee’ releases the melodic, jazzy and relaxing ‘Changing Tides’


Ever wondered why music behind a fairy-tale movie seems so astounding? It’s because of the blood and sweat of the composer who is fixed on arousing sentimental feelings through the power of music and melodies. The artist we have at our hand today is the perfect instance of an overpowering prodigy that is set at the aim of enlightening the hearts of people with emotions and feelings that will be all for them to relish. Fascinating right? But who is this astonishing commodity? It is none other than “Shani Rigsbee” a rare power pack of American stars that are equally fluent both on stage, recordings and on screen.

What’s so special about “Shani Rigsbee”? The question being special has the answer being incredible talent that she has set forward in all fields proved by the fact that she is a multi-award-winning Artist credited as a Singer, Composer and Producer who has featured on some top-notch shows like Warner Brothers released feature film, AMERICAN WRESTLER, GUARDIAN ANGEL, for THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (DreamWorks).  In THE KEEPER – THE LEGEND OF OMAR KHAYYAM (Guide Company Films) while also writing the theme song “The Good Fight”, “El Llamar de Pasión – Call of the Wild” in the ACADEMY AWARD WINNER for Best Picture.

Nature has a rule of bestowing humans with a proficiency that would become a symbol of fraternity for them. In case of “Shani Rigsbee” the ability was her commencement on the musical rhythms of melodies that was once raw but through her continuous efforts converted into a diamond that is shining brighter than anyone else proved through her long list of accomplishments like winning like “Best Theme Song ‘Rise’ from San Francisco Global International Film Festival”, “Best Film Singer from San Francisco New Concept Film Festival, “Best American Crossover Artist from Big Apple Music Awards” and many more worth mentioning awards.


We humans are always in desperate craving of some uplifting factor that would always be there for us when we would desire it the most. As a human with such a longing, artists like “Shani Rigsbee” become a permanent serenity whose music leave a lasting impression making the audience bias wrecked just like her recently released single, “Changing Tides” which is the perfect manifestation of Shani as an artist as she wrote and composed it on her own.

Don’t waste any more of that precious time of yours and give your sense a treat by listening to “Shani Rigsbee” and let’s get the party started.


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