Best known for his clever wordplay and vivid storytelling, abstract hip-hop artist ‘AeromosDax’ unleashes new single ‘Past Tense’.


‘Past Tense’ is the new single from abstract hip-hop artist ‘AeromosDax’. ‘Past Tense’ is a high-concept track about living your whole life in one day.

Aeromos Dax is an abstract hip-hop artist best known for his clever wordplay, vivid storytelling, and boundary-pushing concepts.

While you hear many artists claim they can rap/write about anything, with projects such as So… This is it, and Jean Deux (a Descendant of Particle Man) as well as songs such as Incelsior, Part Time Hatchet Job, Chasing The Dragon, and his future endeavors, Aeromos Dax aims to add validity to such a bold claim.





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